Amateur Radio Presentations


These are the PowerPoints to Ham Radio talks I have given.  Click on the title to down load the PowerPoint file. If you don't have PowerPoint, you can download the free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.


Contact me if you would like me to present one of my talks on Zoom.  w9xt  (at) unifiedmicro (dot com)


Antennas - The Third Dimension 

 All About Soldering

Low Band Recieve Antennas

Electronic Homebrewing.pptx 

Maximizing Part Time Scores  

HF Prop talk 2018 Aug.pptx  

Radio Contesting: Moving to the next level  (updated 8/13)

Moon Bounce for QRPers - Achieving EME with a modest station

A streamed recording of the Moon Bounce for QRPers can be viewed here.

Arduino and the Radio Amateur- An introduction to the Arduino microcontroller development system

Amateur Radio Digital Modes - An introduction.

WSJT- Digital VHF weak signal mode

Rotor control box lamp replacement

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