Vegetables in Harvest Now

After a winter that seemed would never end, there are some stirrings in the garden.  Garlic planted last fall is peeking out of the mulch.  A small herb garden just outside the back door has chives up and as usual the chives are the first up and the first have been harvested to garnish backed potatoes.

I have a rule that “onions and taxes have to be in by April 15, but you can file an extension on the taxes.”  I just made it on April 15. We had a couple of inches of snow the days before, but it melted and was nice and warm by afternoon, so they were in on April 15.

A local store had a sale on small “green houses” so I picked one up. The thing was pretty flimsy so I did a little to beef it up. It was not enough and within a few days it had blown over and some of the parts were broken.  I modified it from being a four shelf to a three shelf.  I reused some of the poles as additional anchors.  So far, so good, and the lettuce and leek seedlings seem to be doing well. Other plants will be moved in as the season progresses.


Early chives
Garlic sprouts

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