Vegetables in Harvest Now

Its mid-summer now and the garden is in the transition between the end of the spring crops and the start of the summer crops.  2017 will not be a great year for the vegetable garden.  I fractured my shoulder in the spring which really limited me getting my plantings in.  A lot of things got in late and I didn’t even plant some things I normally do.

The tomatoes plants have lots of tomatoes but they are still green.  The garlic has been harvested and it was a pretty good crop considering the lack of attention to weeding I was able to put in. Beans and summer squash are starting to come in.  The dill is ready but the cukes are still a ways off so I may not be able to use fresh dill when making pickles.  The first batch of beets are ready as well, which are great on the grill. This may be the best year for raspberries ever.


Romano Pole Bean
Zucchini Bush

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