Vegetables in Harvest Now

Spring has arrived, but some days I have to wonder. We will have a few days in the 60’s or even 70’s followed by a week of cold rainy weather.  The first crops of the year are being harvested and flavoring evening meals.

As usual, chives are the first crop of the year. Some onion sets planted late last summer are up and can be harvested. Fall planted garlic handled the winter well, and is looking good, but it will be late July before it is ready to harvest.

The weather cooperated enough to get the first crops in. I have a rule “Onions and taxes have to be in by April 15, but you can file an extension on the taxes”.  I made the deadline and got the first peas in along with spinach.  Also, some volunteer lettuce from some plants from last year that went to seed is appearing. It will be transplanted to more suitable spots when it gets a bit bigger.


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